Refund Policy

Contact us to request a refund at

All refunds are available and honored in accordance with Australian Consumer Law. In addition to:

  • If the refund is requested before the application has been processed and confirmed a full refund is available.
  • If we receive any refund from ASIC with respect to any charges paid by you, we will notify you immediately and will refund such money to your account as soon as practical.
  • If your Business Name application has been approved by ASIC and confirmation and certificate has been delivered by email to you the government statutory fee is deducted from the refund. This is because your application has been processed, approved, and emailed to you.

Refund requests are responded to within 1 business day. You will receive notification by email of your refund request once it has been reviewed and actioned. If you request a chargeback from your card company or bank, funds may not be credited to your account for up to 6 months.

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